Friday, 9 April 2010

Went to collect my monitor tonight. 60 mile round trip, but well worth it. Following a recommendation (thanks Matt) I had been looking for an EIZO monitor for this project. Spotted one on eBay that looked like it might be what I need and took a punt on it. The spec in the listing said it was an Eizo, but info in the listing was limited. It was just listed as "19 inch flat panel monitor". My winning bid was £26, and now I have the moniotor in my posession I can safely say it was a bargain. It's a 19" Eizo FlexScan L767 and it's in perfect condition. Picture and colour quality is rock solid. DVI-in, VGA-in, USB and 3.5mm connections, ability to adjust smoothing for a much nicer pixelly look in MAME, response time is good, I'm delighted with it. Seems a shame to put it in a cab; in fact I'm thinking of alternative ways of mounting it in the unit now without decasing it.

The murky light in here doesn't help for photos, I'll get some more up tomorrow.



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  1. What a fantastic game Flicky is, nice way to break the monitor in.